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Our Little stars work with the big stars! Tannen's Talent is known for placing our little stars in TV series, film and commercials with celebrities such as Brad Garrett, Adam Sandler, Tina Fey, and Helen Hunt. Below you will see just a few of our many bookings with these famous actors/actresses.

Please visit our youtube page and watch our clients recent commercial and film bookings.

Lindsay Arnold received an Emmy nomination for her role as Allie Horton on Days of Our Lives.

Bravo, Bravo to Devin for the role of young Lola on Broadway's Kinky Boots!! And for his role as young Marlon in Broadway’s MJ the Musical.

Congratulations to Dean for booking NBC's Taxi Brooklyn and a shout out to Amani for your role on NBC's the  Blacklist.

To Devin for playing the role of Rory Banks on ABC's TV sitcom Single Parents.! Devin is currently the voice of Barry in Disney's newest TV series "Eureka".

We also must acknowledge one of our youngest little stars, Johnny, for your recent booking as the voice of Bud in the animated cartoon Dora The Explorer.

Bravo Christopher for booking the lead in Broadway’s new play Room. Chris also booked the lead role of the son in the feature film Our Son. 

Television & Film


Applause, applause, applause to our little movie star Logan who has booked the role of Cole (Anthony Andrews son) in The Back up Plan with Jennifer Lopez. Logan has been modeling and acting with Tannnen's since the ripe "young" age of 2. We are proud to have him make his movie debut at only 4 years old.

view the trailer for The Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez here....


Grace has joined our team as a 3 year toddler and we can truly say she never disappoints on the set. Acting comes easy to Grace. Her charm and professionalism is second nature as she films with some of Hollywoods finest, See her in this commercial for Macys with Jessica Simpson, Emeril & Donald Trump. She is the little girl messing up “ The Donalds” hair.

Look for Grace in her latest commerical for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese


Marko is a feisty and precocious six year old who enjoyed filming and making his TV debut in this Head & Shoulders commercial. He is one of Tannens newest additions to our family and we are so proud of him for being such a professional while allowing the producers to give him an intentionally “bad haircut” for this spot.

See Marko on you tube in the Head & Shoulders Commercial (he is the first boy in the clip)


Nicole has been represented by Tannen's since the tender age of 5 yrs. Now a talented 15 year old, Nicole's extensive resume includes some of the following television credits: Hoop Dogz animated series, Nickelodeon's "You Pick Live", National basketball Assoc with Paul Simon and Sesame Streets "Global Thingy" just to name a few.

Nicole had a blast filming with Adam Sandler on the set of "8 Crazy Nights."


Myles began his career with Tannen's about 10 years ago. His determination to succeed as an actor and his willingness to learn the tricks of the trade has been paying off nicely. His Electrolux commercial with Kelly Ripa is on air now.

Taking film classes at Class Act Studios in White Plains, NY has helped Myles learn how to combine his natural talent with professional training to maximize his potential as an actor. This year is starting off well for Myles. Congratulations for booking another commercial for the American Association of Orthodontists!

watch Myles in his commercial for Electrolux with Kelly Ripa

view his latest American Orthodontist Assoc. commercial here

Xavier - SAG/ AFTRA

Xavier started acting and modeling with Tannen's as a tiny 2 year old. His many television commercials include Mc Donalds, Bounty and Sesame Street. He was seen regularly on Nickelodeon's Blue Clues but is best known for his role as "LITTLE BILL" on the Little Bill TV series with Bill Cosby.

Xavier, now 19 years old, has studied film at Class Act Studios. His desire to embark on a film career has prompted him to continue his training and hone his skills as an actor. Watch a clip of the show "Little Bill" starring Xavier on YouTube.

Austin - SAG/ AFTRA/ AEA

Austin has been represented by Tannen's since he was a toddler. Starting as a commercial actor and evolving to film at an early age, Austin is regularly heard as many of the voices on Nickelodeons "Go Diego Go" animated series including the voice of baby Jaguar.

Some of his film and television credits include "A Guide to Recognizing your Saints" with Dianne Wiest, Chazz Palminteri and Robert Downey, Jr. in the role of very young Ditto.He can also be seen in the TV series Littleburg with Whoopie Goldberg. Austin's soap credits include the role of young Gus on The Guiding Light and a guest spot on One Life to Live.


Tannen's is proud to have been representing Elle for the past 6 years. She not only graced the pages of many catalogs and print ads including H&M, Martha Stewart Living, Hanes and Splenda, she has now blossomed into a budding actress. Her movie debut with Helen Hunt in "Then She Found me" proved to be Elle's greatest accomplishment thus far. She also held the role of Sage in As the World turns.

See her role in As The World Turns on YouTube.

Ariana - SAG/AFTRA

Ariana has been truly a working actress since she began her career with Tannen's more than 10 years ago. Her commercial success can be seen nationally in many spots including one of the top ten rated "best Superbowl" commercials of all time, Some of Ariana's other commercials include Home Goods,Ikea, Walt Disney, AT&T and Lime Away.

Ariana enjoyed filming opposite Elliot Gould in a new feature "Fred Won't Move Out". Her film Advantageous is nominated this year at the Sundance Film Festival in the U.S. dramatic competition. 

See her Coca-Cola commercial which earned her world-wide recognition as the little girl enthralled with Charlie Brown at the end of this spot.

See her in the trailer of her latest feature film "It's kind of a funny story" with Zach Galifianakis & Emma Roberts.

Can you really call a day at Disneyland work? Ariana enjoyed riding rollercoasters and eating cotton candy in her booking for Universal Studios - watch her have a good ole' time here

Stephen- SAG/AFTRA

Stephen has been playfully enjoying the camera for the past two years. Since that time, he has booked many print ads including Carters,, Fisher Price and Toys R Us. His television credits include a commercial for Downy, Cablevision's News channel 12 and this amazing spot for Delta faucets.

See his commercial on YouTube for Delta Faucets

Watch Stephen in his latest commercial for Downy


Madeleine - SAG/AFTRA

Congratulations Madeleine for landing your spot in the Lysol "Germs Around The Clock" commercial. Other bookings include a fashion show for Macys in N.Y.C. & many prints ads such as Reebok,Conde Nast Traveler and Parenting Magazine. Way to Go Maddy!!

Check out Madeleine in Lysol - "Germs Around The Clock" commercial.

Nikhil and Emil - SAG/AFTRA
Nikhil and Emil

These adorable 6 year old twins will be making their movie debut starring  along side Tina Fey & Paul Rudd in the feature film "Admission". We were thrilled to see these little darlings on the big screen!. (I think they were pretty excited too).

To preview the trailer, please click here.


Dean has found his passion for acting while taking drama classes at Class Act Studios here in White Plains. We were lucky enough to spot this talented boy about 5 years ago in one of those classes and immediately signed him.

He began working shortly thereafter and we can proudly share that some of his commercial bookings include spots for French's mustard, AT&T and Excedrin.

You may have recognized this precocious young boy from recent roles in award winning TV series. We are so proud of Dean and know that this is just the beginning of a bright future for him in television & film.

Watch Dean in the trailer for his latest film "Love Sick Love" ( He is starring alongside Charlotte Rae and M. Emmit Walsh )

 Please enjoy his Yoplait commercial 

You can also see Dean in this commerical for lunchables

 Dean made us all laugh in this episode for  NBC's TV series Taxi Brooklyn

Working with Jerry Stiller in this spot for Capital One was a real treat for Dean

Nicolette - SAG/AFTRA

One of Nicolette's very first bookings was for Apple computer which was shot in Hawaii. How do you top that? Well she continued to amaze with commercial bookings for Panadol, Lucky Charms cereal and Benihana Restaurant. Nicolette also plays Tina Fey's daughter in all the American Express commercials.

By the way, if you happen to see a NYC transit bus whiz by, you may notice Nikki's "bigger than life" poster advertising for the Radio City X-Mas spectacular show.

Look for her back to school classic B&W spots with Tina Fey running nationally as well as her Campbells soup commercial ...Ummm,ummmm good!

See Nicolette in her commercial for Benihana here

See Nicolette's Chase bank commercial here....

Watch her latest commercial for AMEX playing the daughter of Tina Fey


We have been representing Aidan since he was a baby. His prints ads include packaging for Huggies and Toys R Us. Aidan is now a spunky little 5 year old and his television credits include commercials for Dannon and Nickolodeon.
View his latest commercial for a Nick mom promo here

Amani has been one of our clients since he was about 5 years old. Now, at 13 years he has been seen on billboards in Times Square, magazine covers and many television commercials. His favorite job to date has been working with his idol Kyrie Irving in this commercial for Footlocker.

Amani can also be seen in his most riveting role on NBC's hit show The Blacklist.

Watch Amani & Kyrie Irving shoot hoops together here...

Oliver - SAG/AFTRA

Oliver just began acting a few months ago and has already landed a spot in this commercial seen nationally for EZ Pro DJ.

Watch Oliver spin some records in this cool spot

Johnny - SAG/AFTRA

When we met this adorable little boy we knew right away he was made for TV. In just a few short weeks Johnny booked his first commercial for Cheerios. His cute little face has since been popping up on many print ads and television commercials including Cheerios, Ovaltine and AT&T. His most recent television appearance was on a Saturday Night Live X-mas special.

Johnny recently made an appearance on Good Morning America to talk about his views on retirement . How precious!!

Johnny is also the voice of Bud on Nickolodeons Dora the Explorer animated cartoon  show.

Watch this heart-warming spot in his latest commercial for AT&T "It's Not Complicated"


Luke is taking the industry by storm as they say. This "looker" & "booker" has been seen on many commercials and several print ads, including his latest TV spots for Verizon Fios and P.C. Richards.

Here is a peek at his Firetek Bow commercial

See Luke in this commercial for the Independance clothing line


Bella has been working with Tannen's for several years and has had much modeling success. She now adds a few more commercials to her resume including Nasacort, Digi Birds & Gortons Fishsticks.

However her most exciting booking was working with Jennifer Lopez in this Viva Movil Verizon commercial.

Please enjoy one of Bella's cutest spots for a DigiBirds commercial


He may be' little' at only 6 yrs old but he is a very' big' booker - Here are two of my favorite commercials Andre is currently seen in - Cheerios and Febreze

He is also very cute in this commercial for Pfizer pharmaceutical

Nicole - SAG/AFTRA

Her first commercial booking, but Nicole does a fantastic job, with lots of copy, in this spot for Optimum

Nicole went on to book several other jobs including a commercial for Lysol airing nationally. We see a bright future for this bubbly teen and are looking forward to seeing her lovely face pop up on the big screen soon.


Tune in on Saturday mornings as Scott hosts the Fox Kids Teen News program. His recent bookings include commercials for Vonage, Cyclone Rake, Creston Home Automation, ESPN & a skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

This very talented teen is sure to be in the industry for a long time and we are very proud to have been representing him for the past several years.

watch his ESPN spot here

Please watch scott in his latest spot for Vonage

Our Cover Models

Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos Alissa on the cover of American Baby magazine.
Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos

Sophia on the cover of American Baby magazine. Other print ads include another "cover" for Parenting magazine, McCormick spices, Babies R us and O magazine.

Sophia was able to share the spotlight with her mom when they both booked a Web MD commercial.

Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos

Makayla on the cover of Baby Talk magazine. She began her career with Tannen's as a tiny 3 month old having booked her first soap opera in a recurring role on As the World Turns.

Makayla just booked a commercial for Google Chrome with Lady Gaga!!

Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos Abaigeal on the cover of Koren Family magazine
Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos Field on the cover of Human Relations magazine
Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos Kayla on the cover of Really Good Stuff magazine.
Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos Luca in an ad for FAO Schwartz.
Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos

Sebastian in Toys R Us Catalog


Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos

Peyton in an ad for Pampers.

Our 1 year old Peyton has also been seen on many magazine covers including this years Babies R Us Christmas catalogue. 

Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos Say "cheese" Lina ... Kodak is just one of the many print ads we can see Lina on. Some others include Toys R us, Scholastic, Target and the cover of Fit Pregnancy magazine.
Tannens Talent Client Booking and Talent Agency Photos

Jadon's face continues to pop up on those catchy "Got Milk" ads. Also watch for Jaydon's YMCA commercial currently running on network TV.

Did you catch him in his riveting performance on NBC's TV series "Conviction" in the role of Rudy?


Our BROADWAY BABES performed in..


And a great big kudos to Clare for her starring role as Little Lizzie in Anna Bolena at the Metropolitan Opera House. We all enjoyed watching you perform on stage with such ease and professionalism .


Let’s hear it for our Radio spots and voice over talent...

Soap Opera's

Our Soap Opera stars...

Talk Shows / Comedy

Then there's the TALK Show Circuit...

Television sitcoms...


       Devin Trey Campbell as Rory Banks in ABC's Single Parents!