Interested In Acting Classes?

We would like to thank the many people who have written to us expressing their appreciation and dedication.  Below you will hear from a few of our parents and adult clients who are excited to share their insight and experiences in the business.

Dana Chondrogiannis

I am so pleased that Tannen's Talent represent my three children in this industry. Lynne and her staff are dedicated, professional and a pleasure to work with.They are committed to excellence and it truly shines through in their dedication in representing my children.

Recently my son worked with Jennifer Lopez for a print advertisement promoting her new perfume fragrance.   It was an incredibly enjoyable experience for all of us.  Tannen's keep up the great work-it is appreciated!!  

Miette Cvijanovich

Friendly – Intune – Knowledgeable & ProfessionalDear Lynne:I just want to thank you! From the moment I walked into your offices the experience was positive.  The atmosphere is consistently friendly and upbeat.  You maintain utmost professionalism and your knowledge and guidance is invaluable. 

We look forward to many years of classes at Class Act Studios,  modeling & acting opportunities with Tannen's and working together.Thank you for all you do.    

Kimberly Wilkinson

I signed with Tannen's Talent as a teenager and immediately knew I had found a special management team.  They encouraged me, protected me, gave me the right advice and always looked out for my best interests with genuine care and attention.  I grew so much as an actress with their guidance and expertise and they were just as supportive when I didn't book a job as when I did. 

Now, coming back into the industry as an adult, there is no other team I would want to represent me.  Tannen's Talent Management are the ultimate professionals. They make sure you are seen by the industry's top agents and casting directors and the experiences I have had have been so exciting and incredibly rewarding.  Lynne and her team are simply the best and I feel so confident about my career knowing that they are behind me.    

Diana Scavetta

I met Lynne in the Spring of 2007. Since that time I have found them to be an honest and hard working team who have a great deal of savvy about, "the business". our commitment to Stephen's career paid off; Stephen did print work for: Toys R Us, Fisher Price,, and Carter's. He also did a non-union commercial for News Channel 12. 

Finally, Stephen booked a union commercial for Delta Faucets. It can be seen on HGTV, The Discovery Channel, and The Food Network.  Stephen was the principal actor and was compensated handsomely through residuals.  During these last several years, I have grown to enjoy my working relationship with Lynne Tannen and her staff and trust the input they have given me regarding Stephen's career.    

Erin Loescher

"I have to say...I never imagined having my child involved in modeling.  A friend gave me Tannen's number & I put it in my book.  After 18 months (and many people suggesting modeling for my outgoing child) I gave them a call.  I was very surprised at what I found!  My daughter, Mena, hung around Lynne like she'd known her for years. 

Both Lynne and her great team of girls take the time to make us feel like we're part of things.  My fear was this would be just too overwhelming for Mena and me, but much to my surprise, it has been a fun adventure for us both.  It has very much to do with the open dialog I have with Lynne and her staff.  Watching out for my child is the most difficult job I've ever had to face.  I have lot's of questions and concerns about different jobs, both before and after.  It's a real help to me that I can pick up the phone and discuss them openly, even though I know at times they are very busy!    

Field Pool

"Advice, promotion and protection is what you will find when you sign with Tannen's Talent.  The people at Tannen's have always treated me in a friendly way.  They are willing to listen and answer questions, and have always given me useful advice.  Tannen's has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me.  I have had a chance to work with industry professionals and learned as I went.  Most of all, I have had an immense amount of fun doing it."    

John & Michelle Kapica

"Tannen's is big business with a true MOM & POP mentality. Our son Dean always seems to come first. They always have time to answer our redundant, sometimes inane questions with regal patience. Everyone at Tannen's always puts our son in the best position to not only succeed, but to excel in this tough industry.

Four years ago, Lynne met with us & informed us that our 8 year old son Dean has a special gift, and that if we were interested she would guide us in the right direction. We trusted her and can't believe the things he has accomplished these last four years. Wow, the experiences, the people and the places, unreal! Although labeled as our son's manager, she is much more than that and considered family. This is a very demanding, competitive vocation we are partaking in with our son, but we know we couldn't be in better hands. Lynne is the antithesis of the oft-portrayed stereotyped Hollywood manager. She is genuine, sincere and compassionate about her job and also knows when to dispense some tough love."

Jean Kulhan

"As my managers, Tannen's Talent & Model Management are very professional and do produce success stories in such a highly competitive profession.  In addition to working hard and enjoying the acting and modeling jobs I've booked through Tannen's, I've met and worked with many friendly and exciting people.  It is an enjoyable experience and I look forward to seeing what the next day will bring."    

Veronica Altman

TANNEN’S TALENT HAS THEIR CLIENTS BEST INTEREST AT HEART.  They figure out how much a person wants to do in this business and they really work with them to achieve their goals.  Children always feel safe at their office.  Lynne, Sara, Talisa & the rest of the gang feel as if they are family.  My children have been represented by Tannen’s for approximately 10 years and I have family members that have been with them for much longer. Every audition and booking they go to is always clean, respectable and safe! One never has to worry where they are going because the jobs are well researched. 

Even though my children are competing in a tough industry they always have fun and make time for school-work  & friends. Their grades even improved when we started working even closer with Tannen’s in the movie and commercial end of the business.  My children have both taken acting classes at their acting school (Class Act Studios) . Their classes are top notch and the entire staff are amiable and approachable. They have learned how to read scripts and commercial copy to succeed on their auditions. Thank you Tannen’s for all you do for us. I feel you guys are the best and I really do feel that you have the childrens best interest at heart.